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This man is tall and tall, with a long building and elegant appearance. He wears a pair of black-framed glasses. His expression is Ceramic Band Heater, refined, and his scholar's breath is round. He reads the most salaried generation, and his muscles are thin. Northern University is originally the number one institution of higher learning in the country, and its reputation is still above Capital University. To graduate from Northern University, everyone has genuine talent and learning. But this is only the information revealed by his little watch. He Mengying said he was a frequent visitor to the Great Wall Club. The holder of the membership gold card, it can be seen that the outstanding hidden inside Director Qiu is far from being covered by his refined appearance. This is also normal. Think of Comrade Liu Jun, but the deputy secretary of the county Party committee of a poor county, is the holder of the No.1 Diamond Card of the Great Wall Club, and how many people can expect it? In terms of position alone, I am afraid that any outstanding member in the system will not be lower than him. Moreover, in the capital, a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, a cadre at the deputy department level is not much different from the "bicycle clan" on the street. Vice Chairman Wang of the Central Military Commission. That is, Qiu Chaichuan's uncle, who has been an old member of Mr. He for many years. Close contact with the Ho family. Every time Qiu Qingchuan comes to the Great Wall Club. As long as Zhou Mengying is here, she always goes to chat with him. During this period, He Mengying found that Qiu Qingchuan and the guests chatted most enthusiastically about Liu Jun's article predicting the trend of the yen. Naturally, Liu Yanei is not simply a "magic stick". He pounded the table and shouted, "If I say the yen is going up, it's going up. You have to believe it even if you don't believe it.". Instead, it makes a comprehensive analysis of the future trend of the yen from a deep and broad perspective, which is very well-founded. He Mengying took it to heart. Gein, this article is written by Liu Jun! Liu Jun has the ability. He Mengying has personally experienced these things, such as having an economic mind and being able to make money. Since 1987, Miss He and Liu Yanei began to cooperate. In just a few years,He Mengying's wealth has increased thousands of times, just like a rich woman. The most convincing thing for Miss Ho is. She hardly had to worry about the whole value-added process. Just waiting to collect the money. So, whenever I listen to some dandy around me bragging about how good they are in business and how much money they have made, Miss Ho can't help shaking her head and laughing. Compared with Liu Jun, the so-called big business of these playboys is just children playing house. But this is the first time that a theoretical financial article has been written and published in a major national newspaper. Moreover,



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