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As part of our vision to advance social justice, we support progressive small business owners and non-profits with communication tools such as capacity building trainings, digital amplification, and social media strategy. We offer different plans and a range of services to help you achieve a strong online presence, a polished and unique space where you can connect with your audience and focus on your goals.

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communication tools


If your community based organization or small business is looking for general support or capacity building of your team, we offer trainings.


If you are feeling lost in the digital space and need templates and toolkits, we can help.   Whether it's a social media content calendar, a strategy for a campaign that includes press release templates, talking points, and more.  We help your team have a strong foundation for launch.


We also develop customized options for non-profit organizations and small businesses looking to use digital tools to enhance their work. Our team will work with you on creating a unique look/feel for your campaign while exploring ways to connect with your audience via digital strategies.


Amparo Cid


Amparo Cid has been helping small business owners and non-profits on their journey to amplify their social justice message.  Whether that is a small business owner who is exploring innovative ways to launch their social enterprise, an advocate who has a strong desire to amplify their message, or a non-profit that is doing amazing work alongside the community.  Amparo has also done pro bono consultations with community members who have an interest in this field.

Our work


Community Justice Alliance is a nonprofit organization working to effect social change through advocacy, community healing, and litigation in racial justice and immigrant rights.

Community Justice Alliance

(example of customized website)


Fiesta Kits USA

(example of ecommerce website)

Fiesta Kits USA is a company with roots in the Central Valley of California. They sell unique merchandise, party supplies and kits for every celebration while also conveying love for their Latino culture, the Spanish language, and Mexican roots.


Fresno Building Healthy Communities

(example of customized website)

Fresno Building Healthy Communities is a nonprofit organization working to build a long-term foundation for a healthier community with a legacy to be carried on for years to come through the leadership of community members. 


Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indígena Oaxaqueño 

(example of customized website)

The Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indígena Oaxaqueño (CBDIO) is a nonprofit working for and with the indigenous communities to identify the most pressing problems and needs that affect their communities. 

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