“Emprendedora Jump-Start” isn't your basic course.  During this beta launch, you'll learn from the successes and failures of a social justice entrepreneur while discussing how to close racial and gender wealth gaps.  You will also learn how to form a business if you're BIPOC, undocumented, first generation, or someone who wants to make a positive impact. 

Over a period of 8-weeks, Amparo Cid will guide you through:

• The Power of Entrepreneurship
• Business Structures
• CEO Mindset
• The Power of Negotiation and Contracts
• Going Beyond Social Media
• Taking Care of Business
• Tracking Progress and Closing Projects
• Vision Board

The course launches on November 1st. You’re the right fit for this beta launch if:

• You’ve dreamed of starting your business, but you’re scared and have no idea where to start
• You want to start a business that is ethical while building wealth
• You’re a socially conscious entrepreneur and haven’t found a business community that fits your vibe
• You currently have a business, but you’re feeling overwhelmed
• You’re immobilized at the thought of putting your idea into action
• You want to build a strong business foundation

“Amazing, inspirational and very eye-opening.”
- Leadership Participant
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8-Weeks of Guided Instruction                    1 Hour Sessions                      Space is Limited                         $97.00 beta launch


Launches on November 1, 2022