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Where others see impossible barriers, we see solutions and opportunities.

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Our vision

To advance social justice, amplify existing community power, and provide a path to policy victories.

About us


We are social justice attorneys whose philosophy is to live and work within the communities we serve. As the daughters of strong immigrant parents, we believe everyday people are the key to transforming their own communities.  The community holds power now. 

We bring an impeccable reputation from partnering with community, non-profits, government, philanthropy, and other sectors to accelerate policy and systemic change. Where others see problems and impossible barriers, we see solutions and opportunities. 




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Government Relations




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Where others see impossible barriers, we see solutions and opportunities. If you need a pathway to advance your organization's priorities at a local, regional, state, or national level, we are interested in learning more. At Cid and Macedo, Inc., we develop a personalized approach for clients that are advancing social justice and believe in the promise of California for all.  


Contact us at (559) 424-3895 or online to begin your journey today.  



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