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ICE Terrorizing Our Communities

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

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ICE was created in 2003 and there are multiple examples of how this agency has gone rouge. In Delano, young children lost their mother and father because of the wrongful actions by ICE agents; they're targeting hardworking individuals at their places of employment; they're unlawfully detaining and holding Americans in custody, and they are undermining our judicial system by conducting arrests at courthouses preventing immigrants with valid legal claims from pursuing legal remedies. Our rural communities have been feeling these impacts firsthand and, during Know Your Rights presentations, community residents have reported intimidation tactics by ICE agents and violations of constitutional rights. We must speak up to stop ICE from terrorizing our communities. ICE is not above the law.

As unethical and immoral actions escalate under the direction of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, we need to remember to also look critically at what is happening locally. By looking locally, it is clear that leadership is lacking. Fresno County Sheriff Mims promotes an anti-immigrant rhetoric that is not based on fact. Further shameful is her presence at a meeting where Donald Trump said racist comments. While Mayor Lee Brand was not at that meeting, his silence has been telling. It’s time for the Central Valley to have leaders that will stand on the right side of history, that will fight for working families, and that aren’t silent when kids are forcefully separated from their parents.

Join us in reminding local elected officials that ICE is not above the law and that the inhumane actions against children and families will not be tolerated by voters. While you're at it, also contact your Member of Congress. To find their contact information, please visit the website.


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